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June Jargon

As June gallops ahead, it’s once again time for our monthly newsletter. While you’re hopefully enjoying the longer days and warmer nights, we’ve been hard at work on our mission to become the one-stop shop for all your pet service needs. We’ll pull out all the stops to help connect you with the right pet …

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Interview with Pet Detective Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

Lost pet photo

Few things are more harrowing than when your beloved pet goes missing. Thankfully, there are trained professionals like Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook,  a Certified Missing Animal Responder/Pet Detective. Bonnie was kind enough to answer a few questions to better educate us on this potentially life saving pet service.

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May Musings from Petmasters

Welcome to our monthly newsletter. As May creeps its way toward our rear view mirror, requests remain front and center from pet parents like you whose love for their fur babies knows no limits. Whether it’s for a behaviorist when they’re acting up, or a chiropractor when they’re in pain, or a pet detective when …

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When You’ve Tried Everything: Troubleshooting Cat Behavior Problems

Feline Engineering

by Jessica Char, Cat Behavior Expert, Feline Engineering What happens when you’ve reached the bottom of Google’s search results and your cat is still peeing everywhere but in her litter box? Or your cats are still feuding? Where do you go from there? 

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Animal Hydrotherapy and Weight Management

Animal Hydrotherapy

by Leslie Gallagher McMahon,  owner/founder of Two Hands Four Paws The call from Alex’s owner was typical. “My dog is somewhat overweight and needs to have surgery for a torn cruciate ligament, but the vet cannot do it until he loses some weight. Can you help us??”  I replied that of course we could help …