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Animal Hydrotherapy and Weight Management

Animal Hydrotherapy

by Leslie Gallagher McMahon,  owner/founder of Two Hands Four Paws

The call from Alex’s owner was typical. “My dog is somewhat overweight and needs to have surgery for a torn cruciate ligament, but the vet cannot do it until he loses some weight. Can you help us??”  I replied that of course we could help and we set up an appointment. Alex turned out to be more than “somewhat” overweight. He was, in fact, absolutely enormous. For a golden retriever a good weight can be anywhere from 70-90 pounds give or take. Alex was 165. As soon as I saw him my heart sank, and I knew we had our work cut out for us. (more…)

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Interview with Animal Communicator Julie Ulrich

Julie Ulrich Animal Communicator

Ever wish your pet could talk to you—in English? Well, there might just be a way to facilitate that. Learn how intuitive connection works in our exclusive interview with Julie Ulrich, animal communicator and Reiki master. (more…)

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CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oils for Pets

by April Cox, owner of Rocky’s Retreat

Has your dog lost his appetite? Does your dog have anxiety? There may be a natural choice in alleviating these conditions. You may not be aware of this, but CBD oil for dogs is helpful for your pup in a lot of ways. Here’s why you should consider CBD oil for your dog today. (more…)

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Stay Vigilant – Protect your Pet from Summer Pests!

cat scratching ear

by Cyndie Anderson, owner of Pooch Pros Pet Care Services

Summer means hotter temps, longer days and of course BUGS! Yes, lots of ’em. Even as summer draws to a close, it’s crucial that you protect your pets from pesky seasonal pests (try saying that five times fast!). There are several different kinds to be concerned with but luckily – various ways to protect your dog or cat from the risks! (more…)

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July 4th: A Dog’s Worst Nightmare!

Dog with flag bandana

by Team Petmasters

Every year, the 4th of July promises hotdogs and hamburgers, sparklers and fireworks and most importantly – family and friends gathered together to celebrate America’s independence. These festivities usually include all members of the family, even the furry ones, in large groups after dark. While we cherish this time under a sky illuminated by fireworks, it is important to consider how pets feel amidst the unexpected bursts of noise and burning light.  (more…)