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May Musings from Petmasters

Welcome to our monthly newsletter. As May creeps its way toward our rear view mirror, requests remain front and center from pet parents like you whose love for their fur babies knows no limits. Whether it’s for a behaviorist when they’re acting up, or a chiropractor when they’re in pain, or a pet detective when they’re lost, it’s why we exist – to find the right pet pro whatever your need. If you haven’t tried our Request Quote tool, give it a whirl.

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Feline Engineering thumbnailWhat happens when your cat is peeing everywhere but her litter box? Petmasters member and Cat Behavior Expert Jessica Char shares some common mistakes people make when trying to solve cat behavior issues. Consider a personalized, one-on-one session with her to solve your feline behavior problems. She offers consults nationwide!

Weight Management: Asking For a Friend

Two Hands Four Paws thumbnailDid you know that Goldens and Labs are among the dog breeds most predisposed to weight gain and torn ligaments? Leslie Gallagher McMahon, Petmasters member and owner of Two Hands Four Paws, explains the benefits of animal hydrotherapy for weight management. And if you’re in LA and want to try it for your pet, send her a request.

Topping the Charts

Julie Ulrich Animal CommunicatorTurns out folks REALLY want to know what their pets are feeling. Topping our list of requests for the month? Animal communication! And if you missed last month’s update and are wondering how it all works, read our interview with animal communicator and Petmasters member Julie Ulrich. Then go ahead and request that animal communication session today.

Pro Corner: You’ve Got Mail!

You've Got Petmasters Mail

For those pet pros listed with us, a reminder to respond to any and all requests that come in from pet parents. They’ll arrive as email from with the subject line You’ve Got Petmasters Mail. Worried you might be missing one? Be sure to check that spam folder just in case.  And if you haven’t gotten one yet, we promise we’re working on it!

Coming Next Month … 

Thanks so much for reading! Please bookmark our Request Quote page for whatever your pet needs ( Oh, and one more thing … we have a new name in the works! More on that next month so stay tuned. (How’s that for a cliff-hanger?)


Yours in pet prosperity,
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