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Choosing a Good Dog For Young Kids in the Home

Hart to Heart Canine Training

by Julie Hart, owner of Hart to Heart Canine Training and founder of Adopting a dog is one of the few times we can choose a family member.  When people think of having a dog, they usually have visions of walking, hiking, going to an outdoor café, and just hanging out with a best friend.  …

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Picking Your Next Pet After Loss

picking your next pet after loss 1

by Kara Udziela, Animal Communicator and owner of Pet’s Eye View Losing a great companion animal is one of the biggest heartaches we will ever experience. Some people are so heartbroken, they swear they will never love another animal. Although I understand this deep pain, after years of communicating with animals, I can tell you …

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15 Steps To Prevent Your Cat From Ever Going Missing

Mr Purr

by Kim Freeman, The Cat Detective As a professional Lost Cat Finder, I always see an increase in lost cat cases around the holidays. One of the most common reasons for a cat’s disappearance is an open door, whether from a distracted pet sitter, careless kids or even packing for a trip.  With the general chaos of …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Using Food Can Be a Problem In Dog Training

food and dog training

by Jen Pearson, Head Trainer at Front Range K9 As a pet dog owner, the idea of reward-based training is likely very appealing to you – after all, you love your dog and want her to be happy! When we see a dog with laser focus and attentiveness to her handler, it looks awesome, right? She …

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CBD Oil for Pets

CBD Oils for Pets

by April Cox, owner of Rocky’s Retreat Has your dog lost his appetite? Does your dog have anxiety? There may be a natural choice in alleviating these conditions. You may not be aware of this, but CBD oil for dogs is helpful for your pup in a lot of ways. Here’s why you should consider …