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Painting Pooches with Panache

by Sarah Flannery, Artist and owner of C4C Pet Portraits I may not be Picasso but I try my best and so far I have been lucky enough for customers to enthuse about my artwork…but having great material as reference to work from can make all the difference when you are a pet portrait artist! So, …

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Open Wide: Understanding your Pet’s Teeth

by Dr. Robert Zepeki, DVM CVCP, owner of Village Animal Group Did you know that the brains of cats and dogs are very similar to our own? A smaller portion of the brain is dedicated to intelligence but they have the same major nerves and are close to us in their capacity for memory. As …

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Animal Reiki – Understated Power Underneath the Gentleness!

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by Shuchi Arora Chechi, Animal Reiki practitioner and owner of Antahsaara “So, does your dog make you feel loved, de stressed, relaxed?”; I asked one of the women attending, as I began the short talk I was conducting on Animal Reiki, at one of the local pet stores, near where I stay. She nodded in affirmation. …

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June Jargon

As June gallops ahead, it’s once again time for our monthly newsletter. While you’re hopefully enjoying the longer days and warmer nights, we’ve been hard at work on our mission to become the one-stop shop for all your pet service needs. We’ll pull out all the stops to help connect you with the right pet …

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Interview with Pet Detective Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook

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Few things are more harrowing than when your beloved pet goes missing. Thankfully, there are trained professionals like Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook,  a Certified Missing Animal Responder/Pet Detective. Bonnie was kind enough to answer a few questions to better educate us on this potentially life saving pet service.