The Dogue Shop training centre was founded in 1999. Gaby Dufresne-Cyr opened the science based animal behaviour and training school in which she trains animals, pet owners, future dog trainers, animal behaviour consultants, and animal-assisted therapists. Furthermore, Gaby is an international speaker with many years experience in radio and television. You can visit the Speaker Events page to learn more about Gaby's presentations.

Dogue Shop services are bilingual; however, Gaby decided to tailor her service to the English community desperate for a positive approach to dog training. If you have a language preference, don't worry, Gaby can speak French as well as English, plus, she's currently working on improving her Spanish.

Gaby also teaches animal behaviour and training at La Pocatière college. Classes offered at the Dogue Shop are college level and up to date with scientific discoveries. All programs found on this website were specifically designed to educate, amuse, challenge and enrich pet owners, students, and animals alike. Dogue Shop is a recognised school by Revenue Quebec and Employment and Social Development Canada which means you can deduct course fees on your income tax report.

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