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About Us

Petmasters is the brainchild of long time Internet entrepreneur Michael Caldwell. Mike previously co-founded a musician/entertainment marketplace back in 1997. That company was later acquired, but Mike’s desire to build online marketplaces remained strong. 

Believing firmly that passion must fuel any successful undertaking, Michael wondered to himself, what else is there in his life that he's as passionate about as music?  And then it hit him …


Michael grew up in a small, bustling Long Island household with his parents, four sisters, three dogs, two cats ... and a pet squirrel named Frisky! Mike developed his love of animals early. He experienced first hand the joy and life that animals bring to a home, and of course, the heartbreak when they leave.

Michael is excited to build this unique marketplace dedicated to those who make pets their living. His mission is to build the most comprehensive pet services marketplace in the United States. Michael resides in Redding, Connecticut with his wife Danielle along with their three sons, two cats (Snowy and Clementine) and rescue dog, Poppy.

Petmasters operates out of the B-Hive co-working space in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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