My name is Jennifer but everyone calls me Jen. Being a pet business owner, I often get asked a lot how did you learn or get started with Pet Massage?

Well, after working 13 years in the automotive industry I knew I needed a drastic change. Like most people, I love to be around animals. One day I was talking to my pets groomer and she brought up the idea of researching Pet Massage. I thought to myself “There is NO way this is for real!”. After extensive research, I found a school in Toledo, OH called (you would NEVER guess) – PetMassage! I found not only would this really help my dog Wednesday with her arthritis and flexibility issues, but Pet Massage would also help a lot of other pets.

Of course, doing more research I decided to pair massage with other pet services. Thus, Pawsitive Pets was born.

You also may want to know where our logo came from? It is a little character based off of our dog Addison. As you can tell, my life revolves around my pets. Just like our clients.

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