Terri Beauchamp has worked in the Project Management and Business Analysis corporate world for 18 years. She is the proud step mother of two, Jaime and Connor, and married to her husband Mark.

She is a natural Empath, Master Reiki Practitioner, Meditation instructor, children's author a Animal Communicator. Over the years, she has developed her skills as an Empath, allowing her to sense the energies of those around her, and become highly sensitive. She has the ability to perceive physical sensitivities, motivations and intentions, spiritual urges, and much more.

Her love for animals inspired her to become an animal communicator. She currently owns two dogs and two cats, all of which have been rescued. Brought by her younger years, she grew up on a farm, learning to take care of horses, cows, rabbits, sheep, pigs, and many other animals. She’s a firm believer that animals have to teach us, being a pure heart and soul, highly intelligent, and never judgmental. They can provide support in physical and emotional ways.

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