lou ann cox

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How do you serve precious pets?

  • Pet Sitting

What part of the animal kingdom do you serve?

  • Cats

On a scale of snail to elephant, what size animals do you work with?

  • under 20 lbs

Proud member of...

  • Pet Sitters International (PSI)

Cat-astrophes happen! What is your cancellation policy?

  • 1 week notice required

Without pet parents, Petmasters wouldn't exist. What discount do you offer our dedicated members? (e.g. 20% off their first session, etc.)

1 free visit with a first booking of 3 or more visits. 1 free visit for every referral provided when 3 or more visits are booked.

Which part of the country do you serve pets?

Colorado Springs, Colorado

What year did you begin serving pets?


How did you hone your craft?

I have had pets my entire life. I also subscribe to Cat magazines, Pet Sitters International educational opportunities, and do my own research based on professional, science based data regarding cat nutrition and health. I also have access to vets, vet techs, and behaviorists at the shelter where I work.

What tip would you give pet parents for working with animals that you've learned as a pro?

1. "Let the cat pet you" Jackson Galaxy 2. Cats absorb energy from their owners and environment and absolutely need to play in order to release that energy in a positive way.