seth nelson

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How do you serve precious pets?

  • Animal Chiropractic
  • Pet Cold Laser Therapy

What part of the animal kingdom do you serve?

  • Cats
  • Dogs

What licensing do you have?

  • Business License
  • Chiropractic License

On a scale of snail to elephant, what size animals do you work with?

  • 20-39 lbs
  • 40-79 lbs
  • 80+ lbs
  • under 20 lbs

Pet Certifications

  • Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapist (CVSMT)

Cat-astrophes happen! What is your cancellation policy?

  • Flexible

Which part of the country do you serve pets?

St. Peter,Mn

What year did you begin serving pets?


How did you hone your craft?

Years of school, continuing ed, and growing up in a home of a loure coursing judge and confirmation.

What tip would you give pet parents for working with animals that you've learned as a pro?

Don't let symptoms masked by pain meds and anti-inflamatories hide a problem. Most injuries get worse when your pet feels good but isn't ready for heavy play.

What is one thing you want pet parents to know about you? It can be whatev-fur you'd like!

Im a life long dog person, I understand the worry and concern when your friend isn't feeling like normal.