Q Family Owned and Operated Pet Transport. Started with an idea that people may want their pets Transported with more of a Personal Touch. Knowing that When they had a Pottie accident in the Crate they need not Worry about Drainage or was it 2 hrs to the Next stop.Ifnyou Smell Change It!!. Simple Concept. 3-4 pets at a time means Pottie Stops gives your dog 10 -15 min. Out of the crate.every3-4 hrs. At least Text and Picture,Weather permitting

Every3_4 ,hrs during daylight hrs. FOR BOTH Breeder and Buyer, So you Know where we are and how.your new pet is doing.. This is just a little bit.of What we Do that, well US !! We Get the Job Done, We are Pretty Good at it and our little Family of Breeders seem to Toledstate Me. At 62 years Old. You cant ask for much more. Oh. One piece of Advice. NEVER Trust Anyone that Says He/She will take Better care of YOUR pets than they do Their own. They are Either Blowin Smoke up Your Butt or Dont take Very good care of Their animals. We spoil our pets way more than we did our kids. Lol just sayin.

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