animal naturopath

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How do you serve precious pets?

  • Other Pet Specialties

What part of the animal kingdom do you serve?

  • Dogs

What licensing do you have?

  • Business License

Cat-astrophes happen! What is your cancellation policy?

  • No refunds

Without pet parents, Petmasters wouldn't exist. What discount do you offer our dedicated members? (e.g. 20% off their first session, etc.)

You'll receive an ongoing discount if you join from PetMasters of 10%. There is a code involved for checkout so you'll need to contact me for that code before you pay Cost is month-to-month so you may quit at any time.

Which part of the country do you serve pets?

This is available via the internet so it's available worldwide

What year did you begin serving pets?

I started working with pets when I was a teenager many moons ago. I've worked in a variety of animal-related positions including as a vet tech and now as an animal naturopath.

How did you hone your craft?

I went to school to become a doctor of veterinary naturopathy. From there I co-founded a distance learning certification program for others to become animal naturopaths without needing to go through a degree program. That means they are certified however, they don't hold the title of "doctor" - they still do the exact same thing I do!

What tip would you give pet parents for working with animals that you've learned as a pro?

It is so encouraging to me to find out how more and more people are desiring to care for their pets according to their needs and nature. Start with this proactive, health promoting approach and your dog can be well his or her entire life!

What is one thing you want pet parents to know about you? It can be whatev-fur you'd like!

I am NOT a veterinarian – holistic, natural or otherwise. This means I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat animals – that is the role of a licensed veterinarian. I am an ANIMAL NATUROPATH. This means my sole role is to guide and empower YOU with confidence, through education, to remove any of your preconceived fears associated with health and illness enabling YOU to make YOUR own choices in transforming the lives of YOUR dogs while promoting and building health and wellness for your dogs.