At Ease Bodywork LLC

Sarah's childhood was spent in the suburbs of Milwaukee where library books, her best friend and a vivid imagination fed her passion /love for horses. Just out of college, Sarah moved to a small farm near Brownsville, MN. Here, horses became an integral part of her daily life. In the years since, Sarah pursued formal equine studies, gaining certification as an Advanced EponaQuest Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning Instructor, Equine Natural Movement Bodywork Practitioner, and recently as a Advanced Joint Yoga Practitioner and Instructor. She continues to study and explore natural horsemanship teachings, holistic horse care and methods that embody respect, kindness, and the sacredness of Life- for both horses and humans. In 2005, Sarah began her private practice, Wind Horse Awareness, teaching Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning. Recently, Sarah began building her bodywork practice, working on both people and animals and in 2018 At Ease Bodywork LLC was created as a vehicle to bring her passion and purpose out into the world. Equine Cranialsacral Certification and Spring Forest Qigong for animal healing are current areas of study in 2018.

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